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Our profession is not only to design furniture, lights and ashtrays, but is about solving problems with a strong analytical mind. This mind can also be applied to teaching, architecture, decoration, graphics, photography, film … The danger is that a designer becomes a specialist.
For example, the Eameses did four or five major steps in furniture design an then realized that they probably wouldn´t do much more. They then concentrated on education, films and installations. This type of designer is much rarer - and these are the best. I think we all agree that is so refreshing that there is nothing like big-city cynicism in these two. They are not exhibitionists, but good, honest, decent people. Wouldn´t it be wonderful if decency were important in becoming a good designer? No cynicism, no clever-cleverness … Those kinds of designers have their fifteen minutes of fame, but the history of the discipline will honour the descent contributions over the witty ones.

Rolf Fehlbaum in "Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec - Works", London 2012, p.153

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